Arko van Brakel, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Inspirator, Moderator

Arko van Brakel (1968) is Dutch entrepreneur with a very clear purpose: inspiring entrepreneurship and innovation. As an entrepreneur, advisor, public speaker, trainer and coach, Arko is devoted to his mission and to his audience. Together with, amongst others, the Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Semler, he started the Semco Style Institute. Their mission? Make work awesome!  As a co-founder and chief inspiration officer of this international institute, Arko is devoted to share his vision that an entrepreneurial mindset and an agile, innovative way of working, nowadays, is more relevant than ever. Organizations have to deal with exponential, disruptive developments and experience more and more that the old fashioned lineair approach is not the way to deal with these challenges. 

How you prepare yourself and your organization for the unpredictable? How do you truly becoming agile? And what’s needed to embrace experiments and failures in order to re-invent your future? What are tomorrow’s business models? And how can you get started today, already? What is needed to stay attractive as an employer when millennials are joining your team? How do you benefit from the speed of trust in your company? And what is the best way to stay vital in this ratrace of dilemmas and disruptions? 

Together with his audience, Arko explores answers to these and other entrepreneurial and innovative challenges. He always combines his entrepreneurial experience and personal leadership wisdom with practical tips and tricks, scientific insights, good stories, a good sense of humor and a refreshing vulnerable approach. It’s all about being in control without controlling! His trademark? 100% energy, 100% enthusiasm and 100% inspiration. 

Dagvoorzitter, inspirator, spreker Arko van Brakel

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