Keynotes and Workshops

Arko really enjoys to join you and your team, network or audience and help you with your challenges. Ever since his first experience as a business trainer in 1993, tens of thousands of international leaders, professionals, marketeers, entrepreneurs and managers from all sorts of organizations, companies, institutes, profit and non-profit in many countries, have experienced Arko’s energetic approach. Following his  purpose, it’s important for Arko to match the goals, needs and dreams of his audience as good as possible. For this reason no program of Arko is exactly the same as the other.

Arko is specialized in entrepreneurial subjects, such as innovation, disruption, leadership and healthy performance. To make it easier for you to choose a topic, Arko has developed a number of more or less standard workshops and keynotes. Don’t worry, even his standard programs he’ll always adapt to your personal needs. These are his favorite topics:

“Self-management in entrepreneurial teams”

How can you become more agile? How can you be in control without controlling your people? Are you sometimes worried to miss out on opportunities because your team isn’t acting fast enough? Does it often feel like you’re totally on your own and it all comes down to you? Then there is only one answer: BE the change. Show trust. Work ON your business instead of IN your business. Turn your organization around by reducing control and facilitating support. Bring trust, speed and innovation back into the organization by making maximum use of the knowledge, creativity, diversity and talents of your team.

“Create a happiness culture for happy customers and colleagues”

Leadership with a smile will ultimately bring employees and customers with a smile. What significance do you have for your customers? What difference do you really make? And what is the social footprint of you and your business? Create a people-centric culture, it’s the fastest way to become the ultimate customer centric company! Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

“Unleash the entrepreneur in you!”

What entrepreneurial style suits you best? How do you make entrepreneurial choices in your work and life? How to stimulate entrepreneurship in your own team? what is your personal branding strategy? Choose an entrepreneurial life, and become the CEO of your own life: you don’t need to own a company to lead an entrepreneurial life.

“Stuck? Innovate yourself free!”

Have you met such a large bear on your path, you can’t even see your dreams and goals anymore? Is your organization stuck in processes, patterns and procedures? Do you experience levels of fear of failure that block all necessary creativity and innovations? Then start asking yourself new questions. Decide to make and share new failures and mistakes. And have the nerve to really trust your colleagues. Because all innovation starts with you and your team.

“Inject the Internet DNA in your business!”

What is needed to create a successful online strategy? How do you embrace disruption by translating the success-factors of famous online businesses to your own organization? How do you prepare your company for online success? The answer begins with understanding the Internet DNA: trust, transparency, willingness to share, smart collaborations and… skip traditional hierarchy and control systems.

“100 points for life!”

Do you recognize the feeling of keeping too many balls in the air? How would it feel to improve your live with a better work-life balance? Do you experience pressure to meet the expectations of yourself and your surroundings? How healthy is the fitness level of your organization? This workshop wil bring you practical tips for more energy and vitality in your life and business. Work smarter, set better priorities and work more healthy, with the principles of “100 points for life”.


Do you have any entrepreneurial question or topic that is not listed? Would you like a special solution for your organization, or a specific combination of topics? In that case Arko is happy to create a customized workshop for you and your business.

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