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Purebred entrepreneur, inspirator, professional idealist.

You can’t form the world, but you are able to build your own life, team and organization by adjusting choices, behaviour and reactions.

As a purebred entrepreneur, inspirator and professional idealist, Arko van Brakel can be booked for motivating lectures, workshops and as chairman of the day at your event. Arko encourages people to act, within their company ánd personal live. He teaches his audience to put their talents, competences, and thoughts to use, in a way they can react to our world full of innovation, disruption, and change. This makes them resilient and agile, and guarantees their role in the future. You can’t form the world, but you are able to build your own life, team, and organization by adjusting choices, behaviour and reactions.

Never a dull moment with Arko on stage. As an energetic, professional, authentic and empathetic speaker, Arko really wants to make a difference. He is highly involved with his audiences and is able to make them feel at ease. His energy is contagious and he creates a dynamic setting full of action and interaction. By years of experience, with both highs and lows, and giving more than a thousand lectures, Arko is a professional lecturer.


After finishing his study Marketing Management, Arko’s carrier as a serial entrepreneur took off fast as co-founder of one of the first Dutch commercial internet companies, EuroNet Internet. Afterward, more companies such as the Next Marketeer Education, PuntEdu, Jamby, training- and advise company Nieuwe Helden, de Baak and international training company Semco Style Institute – where he’s still Chief Inspiration Officer – followed.

To share his knowledge about entrepreneurship with others and help entrepreneurs grow, he worked as Commissioner of companies like Keizer Culinair, A New Spring and Pelosa and was appointed as a member of the Board of Advice at ACE, Netherland ICT and the Institute for Employee Insurance. Arko also shared his knowledge by publishing three books: Nieuwe Helden – about the developments within the new economy, Iedereen Ondernemer – about living venturous as a key to success within our communication society – and Ondernemen met Lef – about how entrepreneurship can be a way of life.

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