Lectures, workshops & chairman of the day

Arko teaches individuals, teams, and organizations to put their talents, competences, and thoughts to use, in a way they can react to our world full of innovation, disruption, and change. Making them resilient and agile to guarantee their role in the future, is his goal. This theme translates into various lectures and workshops, always custom-made – because every audience is unique and has its own goals.

Arko’s can also be booked as an energetic, professional, authentic, and empathetic chairman of the day at your event. Arko connects with his audiences and makes them feel at ease. His energy is contagious and creates a dynamic setting full of action and interaction. Never a dull moment with Arko on stage. Arko is specialized in the following subjects:

Resilience & Agility

While exponential developments dominate our living- and work environment, our brains aren’t fully capable of understanding non-linear trends. The solutions that worked for us before, aren’t resolving the questions of tomorrow. How do you guarantee your or your organization’s role in the future? Arko teaches his audience to respond to complex issues like sustainability, the aging of our society, AI, robots and disruptive technology and makes them future proof.

Self-government, autonomy & leadership

A lecture and workshop about entrepreneurship in the widest sense. Not only for teams and organizations, but also for individuals. About taking risks consciously, within and without a company. Arko gives his audience insights about various forms of leadership; personal, exponential, and innovative. What type of entrepreneurship fits you? How do you encourage your team(s)? And how will you able to make the right decisions about work, but also in your personal life? Entrepreneurship is teachable!


About creating an innovative mindset within companies. Is yours stuck in old ways, processes, and patterns? Does the fear of failure keep you from innovating? Is there something so big standing in the way of your success, that you forgot why you started? Ask yourself new questions, make new mistakes, and dare to trust your colleagues for real this time. Innovation starts with you.

WEconomy & purpose

About the digital connection of social media, co-creation, extern stakeholder alignment and the power of not only working for profit, but also to pursue a purpose. Making money while doing good for our world: the WEconomy. Whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur: discover your goals, combined with a meaningful life full of success!

Digitaal success

How do you create the perfect online strategy? How do you translate best practices into your own company? In short: how do you build your company for online success. The answer starts with your Internet DNA: trust, transparency, willingness to share, smart collaborations and letting go of hierarchy and control.

Customer focus & trust

About creating happy customers ánd happy employees. What meaning do you have for your customers? How do you really make a difference? Create a culture where your own employees are the center of everything and customers will follow.


About being in control, without being controlling. Turn the hierarchy around and reduce bureaucracy. Flip your company! Bring back trust, speed, and innovation by using knowledge, creativity, diversity, and your team’s talents to the max. People before processes, for a future proof company.

Vitality & stress

Work hard, play hard ánd rest hard: the optimal work-life balance. Do you feel like you have to juggle too many balls? Do you feel unhealthy pressure and/or are you not capable of meeting your own or expectations of others? Bring back vitality by working smarter, prioritizing better and working healthier by Arko’s principle of ‘100 points for life’.

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