Moderator & Chairman

Arko van Brakel is a friendly, energetic presenter. His relaxed, natural moderating style makes the most of his guests and his audience. Arko has the ability to set guests at ease while searching the interaction with the audience. Arko is an attentive listener to his audience and the candidates he interviews. He dares to be surprisingly candid. While he prepares well in every situation, Arko is most effective in his role as chairman when he stays closest to his core competencies: entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, E-Business and vitality. Oh, yeah…. By the passion and expert knowledge he has for such issues, situations can occur in which Arko’s enthusiasm outstrips his objectivity.

Never a dull moment with Arko on stage ….

These are Arko’s favorite themes:

  • Leadership in a disruptive world
  • Autonomy and Selfmanagement
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Organizations
  • The speed of trust as a strategy
  • Be in control without controlling!
  • Vitality and Job stress: health is the new wealth!
  • Online trends and e-business
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