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Welcome to Arko’s One Minute Academy

Your success is our purpose. For all people who want to learn more about a successful, entrepreneurial life, with better decisions, more effective communication and stronger, authentic strategies that fit your values and DNA, Arko loves to share his experience in practical one minute videos. We love your feedback, ideas and questions to make this academy better! Please send them to info@arkovanbrakel.nl. You’ll always get a response. Have fun and get inspired!

7 tips for building highly effective teams!
In this inspirational video you’ll find 7 tips that will help you building a highly effective team. We recommend to replay this video more than once to fully understand it, since it’s almost too much info for one minute. We combined our own research and experience with research results of Human Insight, a recent article by Google about effective teams and fresh insights from our own Semco Style Institute.
Credits: many thanks to Google, Peter Robertson and Ricardo Semler for the inspiration. Production and editing by Mervin van Brakel.

6 ways to build a healthy, high performance culture!
It’s almost impossible to have a successful, high performance team, when the crew is not fit. Research shows that a team that pays attention to a healthy mind in a healthy body, with healthy interpersonal relations, will bring more healthy results. As a bonus it will boost your innovation, your performance and your customer- and employee-satisfaction. This video is inspired by insights and research by Semco Style Institute, Human Insight and a recent article by inc.com. Editing and production as usual by Mervin van Brakel.

5 methods to boost your innovation
Innovation is on top of most priority lists. In this OneMinuteAcademy Arko shares 5 methods to give your company’s innovation a boost.
Enjoy the video! And please send us your questions and feedback.
Credits: production and editing by Mervin van Brakel

7 tips for success on social media!
Social media are perhaps the most powerful instruments to connect with your target group and the crucial ingredient for your personal branding goals. In this video Arko shares 7 tips that can help you to become more successful on social media. Do you have questions or feedback for Arko? Don’t hesitate to contact us!
Credits: production and editing by Mervin van Brakel

5 tips for growing a strong community!
A strong community can be a solid foundation for your business. But if you don’t respect and appreciate the culture and values of online communities, it’s not easy to be successful. Today I give you five tips that will help you grow your community.
Credits: Thanks to good old Bob Stumpel for the inspiration and to Mervin van Brakel for the editing and production.

5 strategic reasons for an agile organisation
Becoming agile and more democratic is a major trend for many organizations. The risk however is that ‘being agile’ becomes a goal in itself, instead of regarding this as the means it actually is. In this One Minute Academy you’ll find 5 strategic reasons to embrace an agile and more democratic leadership style. Enjoy the video. As usual: feedback is very welcome!
Credits: production and editing by Mervin van Brakel

Servant leadership for high performance organisations
One of the most disruptive effects of our transparent, technology driven world, is the need for high performance teams. Servant leadership is one of the most effective ways to boost your team performance. In this short video you’ll find three pieces of advise that’ll help you to become a servant leader and boost the performance of your organization. Enjoy the video! Feedback = welcome.

Credits: editing and production by Mervin van Brakel; inspiration: Clements Radenborg

Peer with people that are better than you…
Peer with people that are better than you are. And don’t take yourself too seriously. These are crucial lessons that enable you to prepare for growth and future success. Because people are awesome. Enjoy the video! and please send us your feedback.
Credits: Production and editing by Mervin van Brakel
We used and edited a picture that we found on the web. Please let us know if this picture is yours, or if you own any copyrights on it.

What archetype of entrepreneur are you?
In this OneMinuteAcademy a crucial question that many entrepreneurs should ask themselves: “What sort of entrepreneur, what entrepreneurial archetype are you?” The answer to this question dictates the way you should run your company.
Credits: production and editing by Mervin van Brakel and thanks to Tony Robbins for the inspiration.
The slightly edited cover-picture, we found on the web. If it’s yours, or do you happen to be entitled to any copyrights? Please let us know.

Stop Judging!
Stop judging. Many people judge themselves, other people or the circumstances that affect them. There’s nothing wrong with being critical. But judging can be very contra-productive, ruin your relations with others and block your possibilities to be happy and successful. In this OneMinuteAcademy you’ll find three pieces of advice that can help you to stop judging. Enjoy the video! and please send us your questions or feedback.
Credits: production and editing by Mervin van Brakel

The unlimited power of sharing
In our WE-conomy, sharing is a powerful and successful strategy. There are three unlimited resources we all possess, that we can keep in sharing our entire lives: Trust, Knowledge and Inspiration. The beauty of these resources is: they duplicate the moment you decide to share them! Using these resources can be your personal basis for more success in the sharing economy.
Credits: production and editing Mervin van Brakel
The cover-picture we found on the web. If the picture is yours, or you’re entitled to the copyrights/IP of the picture, please contact us!

Work ON the business, not IN the business
In this OneMinuteAcademy three crucial tips, that help entrepreneurs with a strong growth ambition to Work ON their business, instead of being distracted from the strategic issues by the day-to-day sorrows that go along with a too strong focus on working too much IN their business….

Credits: production and editing by Mervin van Brakel

The management hurdle
This OneMinuteAcademy is about a hurdle many entrepreneurs will recognize: It’s the moment your company reaches a size of 15 employees and/or 1,5 mln Euros revenue. From this moment you’ll realize your life will not be the same anymore, since your company will enter the management phase in it’s existence. This new episode demands new managerial skills from you to stay healthy and profitable and enjoy your entrepreneurship.
Credits: Production and editing by Mervin van Brakel
We found the cover-picture on the web, so if it’s yours, or you have any copyrights on it, please contact us!

“Fit” = the new “Rich”!
“Fit” = the new “Rich”. YOU are your most important asset. By paying attention to a healthy mind in a healthy body, you can increase your chances to stay fit and unleash the talent and energy to be in charge of your own life. You may add some years to year life. But you certainly will add life to your years!
Credits:Production and editing by Mervin van Brakel.
The cover-picture we found om the web. If you own the picture, or are entitled to the IP of the picture, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The platinum-rule for better relations
My good friend Robert Benninga once gave me a brilliant tip: Why should we treat other people like ourselves? The idea is OK, but it’s “only” a golden rule… The platinum rule of communication is: “Treat other other people like THEY want to be treated. Enjoy the video!

The power of sharing!
In our WE-conomy, sharing is a powerful and successful Strategy. There are three unlimited resources, which we all possess, that we can keep on sharing our entire lives: Trust, Knowledge and Inspiration. The beauty of these resources is: they duplicate the moment you decide to share them! Using these resources can be your personal basis for more success in the sharing economy. Enjoy the video!

Self interest = team interest
Today in my one minute academy: the importance of defining your and your team members’ self interest. Because you’ll receive the best results when all personal interests are in line with the team-goals.

Think twice for you decide
Decision making moments are defining moments. So it’s worth taking enough time for important decisions. However in many organizations, decisions are often forced to be made under time pressure, for example because there is not enough time in the meeting. Than it’s important to think twice.

The mindset for great decisions
It’s crucial to find the right moment for making decisions. But have you ever thought about the right mindset for making decisions? I learned that making decisions in a too optimistic mindset is perhaps even worse that making decisions in a pessimistic mood… This video is about making decisions in the right mood at the right moment.

The future of your work
A few international mega-trends, will have a massive impact on our working environment. The good news is that this specifically leaves room for specialized skills, creativity, craftmanship and unique talent. So it’s time to find out if your skillset really is future proof.

Why organisations have to change
The mega trends that will change the way we work, the behavior of our customers and bring us new disruptive competitors, will also change the way we’ll have to organise ourselves and our companies. In this One Minute Academy Arko explains the biggest trends and their impact on our management and organizations.

Intuition + ratio = great decisions
Recovering from his skiing-accident, Arko produced this new One Minute Academy video, in which he shares one of the greatest success factors of successful leaders and entrepreneurs: use your intuition! Crucial is to balance your intuition with more rational facts and figures, like your business plan, research results and a good spreadsheet. Because both the hard side end the soft side of your plan must feel right before you make an important decision.

Make 2017 your dream year
For many of us, our society feels more insecure than ever. That’s why, for me, this New Year video feels more relevant than ever: “Make 2017 your dream year!” On behalf of the One Minute Academy team I wish you a fantastic 2017!!!

What if it would always be Christmas
What would happen to you, your life, your environment or your business, if you’d keep the Christmas spirit alive all year? How purposeful would your live be? This one minute Academy is all about Christmas. On behalve of the whole One Minute Academy team, we wish you a merry Christmas and a fantastic new year!

Have more impact with the five I’s
Today in Arko’s One Minute Academy a lesson that he learned years ago from his good friend Robert Benninga: Increase your impact, in all your communication, by actively using and monitoring your “five i’s”:
Input, Intention, Interest, inspiration and interaction. Have fun watching the video!

How to become successful on the web
In this video, Arko shares his experience as a successful Internet entrepreneur. He helps you understanding the 5 main cultural elements that helped creating the amazing internet: 1. no hierarchy, 2. Trust, 3. Radical transparency, 4. sharing and 5. world wide collaboration. Good luck with adopting these into your culture!

The S-Curve: in what phase is your market
This one minute course will help you recognizing the phase your market is in. Like everything in nature, also everything we, as human beings, do follows the rules of the S-Curve. Every year, for example, is divided in a spring, summer, autumn and winter. Also our life follows the same rhythm. Got it? Try then to recognize what season your market is in. It’ll help you making better decisions.

100 points for life
In this edition of One Minute Academy, Arko shares a very practical tip how to create a perfect work-life-balance and match this with your busy agenda: “100 points for life”.  It’s actually the 1 minute summary of Arko’s recent TedX Talk.

The golden triangle of persuation
In this video in Arko’s One Minute Academy, he shares one of his best tips to make your presentations more convincing and more effective: His golden triangle of persuasion. The result? Being your story instead of just telling a story!

My best burn-out tip ever
For too many people in our western society, running into a burn-out is one of the biggest risks. In this fourth video in my “One Minute Academy” I share the tip of a lifetime, that I received years ago, during my own burn-out, from a guy who had 3 burnouts in his life and finally learned his lesson….

Happiness strategy
The fifth video in Arko’s One Minute Academy, is about the power of a Happiness Strategy: happy customers start with happy employees! We slightly changed the format, based on the feedback we received. Please continue giving us feedback to make these video’s better! Thanks. Have fun with this vide. And off course we wish you lots of happiness!

How to deal with failures and mistakes
Have you ever failed? Hoe did it feel? How did you deal with it? The second video in my “one minute academy” is about the way you treat your failures and mistakes. This can can make a big difference in your life, because failure can be “the mother of all success”, if you are prepared to learn from your mistakes…

The power of trust
This video in Arko’s one minute academy is about the power and speed of Trust: Have you ever received real trust? And have you ever giving your full confidence to someone else? What was the effect on you? And on the other? Trust is a powerful instrument to speed up your life and business.

What is your purpose
Today Arko van Brakel started his “One minute academy”. In 1 minute video’s, he shares his broad knowledge, experience and ideas on successful leadership and entrepreneurship with you. This first video is about is about Purpose. Only 11% of all people and organizations, have a clear long term goal in their lives or in their existence. What is YOUR purpose in life?

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