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“Arko is not only a good entrepreneur and fun inspirator, but most of all a good guy. When we meet (we often run into each other on stage) there’s always something happening. Arko has a gift to look at business in a different way. And on top of that, you’ll always get a 100% passion.”

Bas van der Veldt – CEO AFAS Software, entrepreneur, public speaker.

“He’s direct and not afraid to say it like it is. The mirror held up can be confronting and conflicting with existing views but creates development and change. He speaks direct, but with a trusting and warm smile.”

Ralph van Hessen – founder Winkelman en Van Hessen.

“I’ve known Arko fora bout 20 years now. Through these years, I’ve gotten to know him as someone with vision and insight, which has led to the development of multiple products and services such as an educational program. Besides being of help as a visionary, I like to collaborate with Arko as a speaker at an event or a lecturer at an education. Success is guaranteed. Due to elaborate preparation, Arko’s sessions are full of inspiration, energy, insight, and vision. On top of that, he helps to integrate his lessons into your own business and life. Generally, this shows in very high ratings and positive reviews from his audience. The best comment I could make about Arko is that he really makes his audience think ánd act for change. And last, Arko writes books on a regular basis which are worth the read and again, pushes you to better yourself, your company and the employees.”

Ment Kuiper – Marketing Coach, educator, entrepreneur.

“Arko is full of warmth, passion and attentive. He advises and motivates his audience with the right – honest – intentions and functions as a rock. His audience can rely on him. His goal is to get the listeners to put both feet on the ground and grab life by the horns.”

Marie-Claire van Hessen – founder MCPR.

“Arko’s lectures at Beeckestijn Business School are invariably reviewed as above average. The professionals appreciate that Arko brings them a vision on the future, but at the same time puts a realistic view of the present. Arko always inspires his audience. His lessons are no obligatory models, maar real-life cases and management-issues that matter. Arko connects with his listeners on a personal level, which brings extra motivation to look at leadership in a different way; not telling people what to do, but motivating them. It’s always a pleasure to sit in on one of Arko’s lectures!”

Egbert Jan van Bel – entrepreneur, bestselling author, co-founder Beeckestijn Business School.

Arko van Brakel is an asset to every business event! He is always thoroughly prepared for the target audience and knows how to motivate and inspire people in an innovative way!

Mariëlle Snethlage – Event Manager IQ events.

“Working agile can only be a success if four other aspects within the company change as well. Arko can clarify this during an inspiring session like no other.”

Ronald Heijn – Nyenrode Business University


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